We started going to Majorca in the late 90’s, primarily for boating & we jointly owned a boat there until three years ago when our co-owners went off to New Zealand for a spell. At that time we downsized the boat we own ourselves & continue to enjoy that wonderful Island & all the great boating it has to offer.

However, as an obvious distraction, cycling has also now become an activity there & my wife Judith is now frequently seen in lycra, enjoying the cycle paths & country lanes.

Majorca is also a great training ground as it has some serious mountains within minutes of where we live & if you’re prepared to get out of bed early then you can have them all to yourself & enjoy something that approaches cycling heaven.

If you’re interested in Majorca cycling then do look at The lady who writes this site is Helen Cooney, a round-the-world cyclist who has a real love for Majorca & her web pages, specifically on the Island, suggested rides, photographs etc are first class. Her description of one particular run – Sa Colobra has had me drooling for months ‘the most spectacular ride I have ever cycled…& I have cycled a few’ she says, so it had to be done. Just google ‘Sa Colobra’ if you’d like to see pictures & videos, it’s simply amazing & I’m thrilled to have done it & will go back for more.

The other ride I claim for myself at 7.30 in the morning & also quite wonderful, is the ride down the Formentor peninsular which you can also Google or review on Helen’s site. This takes me 2 hours exactly out & back to Puerto Pollenca & if you head out at an early hour, there’s precious little traffic. It’s cooler & you’re back in time for a good breakfast & a spot of boating or whatever else turns you on. It also means if you’ve a non-biking partner, you can do this or many other rides whilst your partner sleeps on & be back in time to pander to their needs & wants.

I’ll add to the Majorca pictures on my Photobucket site, which you’ll see on one of the side tabs & include some of these rides.

I’ve recently bought a new bike in Majorca, a titanium Van Nicholas Mistral. It’s the low end of the titanium road bikes by VN but it’s proven to be the most wonderfully comfortable bike (especially after the rather stiff Massi, an ex hire bike, I had before). It’s got a compact chainset (52/34 chainrings) & I’ve also fitted a rear cassette (11-30) on the bike, which is just so very welcome on the big, long climbs. If you’re in this part of the world (Puerto Pollenca, in the North of the Island) & need to hire a bike/talk bikes or need help, then do call ask for Bruce or Mark at Pro Cycle Hire They have the full range of road & mountain bikes for hire (including VN & Massi). They’ve been wonderful, even with an old geezer like me & will happily sort out my old town bike as well as sell or hire me a decent quality road bike. They will also guide you to a local cafe where visiting & resident cyclists meet to cycle, most days of the week.