2014 Ride London

14 August 2014

Ride London was an unusual experience, starting early Sunday morning from the Olympic Park and ending up on Constitution Hill, all on closed roads and passing a host of London’s most iconic buildings and historic sites. It was to be 100 miles, but ended up at 86, as the weather was so atrocious, the organisers chopped out a couple of climbs where they considered the downhills would cause carnage. Chris Boardman (who rode) described it as …’from torrential to biblical and then to just horrendous’.

However I survived and completed the distance in under 5 1/2 hours, so was quite pleased and more importantly, came home with bike and body intact! I have to say that everyone was amazingly upbeat, it was impeccably organised and the volunteers along the route, all soaked and probably very cold for much of the ride, were just wonderful.