2018 Geneva to Nice

June 2018

Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey Cycle

In my first multi-day challenge since 2016, forty riders took part in this 4-day ride from Lakeside Geneva, through the Alps and Provence, following part of the historic Route Napoleon, south. We cycled via the towns of Annecy and Sisteron and over mountain peaks, many made famous by the Tour de France. We followed limestone cliffs and gorges, dense forests and lavender fields on what is considered a spectacular but steep and arduous route. The ride involves distance of over 330 miles.


  • My personal total: £18,113.52 plus a further £20K of future funding
  • Total overall £168K plus £20K of future funding


Day One: Geneva – Allevard
Day Two: Allevard – Corps
Day Three: Corps – Digne les Bains
Day Four: Digne les Bains – Nice